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Restocking our best sellers (Guaranteed to sell out again! )

Restocking our best sellers (Guaranteed to sell out again! )

The holiday season has been a wild one for us. The demand for our most popular items has exceeded our expectations. The high demand coupled with low inventory levels in our supply chain has left us scrambling to restock items after they have sold out.

Fortunately we do all of our screen printing and embroidery in house which allows us to react to these changes much faster than your average retail brand.

The first item that we just got back in stock is our 16153 Genova Felt Crew Sweatshirt. This was a new design and new decoration technique for us. We weren't sure what to expect when it was launched and we've been overwhelmed by the response. 

toledo ohio crew sweatshirt

Our embroidered crews have been our best selling clothing item this year by a long shot. The Midwesterner was our first breakout star. The fit and feel of the sweatshirt are great, but the combination of the colors and the design really sets them apart. 

midwesterner crew sweatshirt

We've had trouble keeping all of these designs in stock. Inventory has been touch and go with our supplier in specific colors (especially the Up North design). Last week we doubled our normal order for Ohioan so we should be good through the end of the year with that design.

ohioan, midwesterner, and toledoan embroidered crew sweatshirt 

While all of these items are back in stock for the time being, don't sleep on them! They'll be sold out again soon!

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Sue Benner - December 13, 2020

Please let me know when Boogie Record shirt is in and the sports arena green shirt…please

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