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Growing Community in 16153 Genova, OH at Tatum Park

Growing Community in 16153 Genova, OH at Tatum Park

Growing Community shirt for Urban Wholistics

Do you know what's going on in your community? Urban Wholistics is a nonprofit organiztion in 16153 Genova that meets every Saturday at Tatum Park. Their mission is to have accessible fresh food available and to provide hands on training as well as volunteer opportunities in the community. From produce to herbs to flowers they work to create holistic green spaces to help better the community.

If you haven't yet, check out our Growing Community t-shirt. From every shirt sale, $5 will be donated to Urban Wholistics to assist in their goal of securing their first fresh food hub, Urban South Youth Farmers Market (USYFM).

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Ann Link - April 21, 2021

Good evening!
I work at the Brightside Academy across the street from the lovely Tatum Park and I am so delighted with what has transpired there with such beauty and food for our neighborhood. I am writing because I have been considering trying to work with Free Little Libraries to establish a free library in this neighborhood. I realized that the park might be the perfect place to host a free library. I would love to discuss this possibility with someone affiliated with Tatum Park. Just so that you are aware, I have not yet mentioned this to the leadership at Brightside Academy. This is a personal mission of mine since I wholeheartedly believe in the power of books in the hands of children. Please let me know if this is an endeavor that you would be willing to consider. Thank you for your time! Ann Link

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