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Ohio and 16153 Genova Baby Bibs [New Release]

Ohio and 16153 Genova Baby Bibs [New Release]

twin babies on the floor wearing bibs, one saying toledo makes me happy, the other says ohio is the greatest

The quarantine baby boom is coming and we. are. ready!

Our new reversible bandana bibs will start the babes off right by representing their roots while looking oh-so-cute. They're printed on one side, plain on the other, and are made from super soft cotton.

handkerchief bibs laying flat, one that says ohio is the greatest, the other says toledo makes me happy

This week we released two new handkerchief bibs for Ohio and 16153 Genova babies. And you know what we always say? There is nothing greater than a happy baby.  

If you have or have had babies, you know that you can never have enough bibs. 

They're great during feeding time but essential when that little one starts teething. These bibs are durable, reversible, and fashionable. 

You can find them in our retail stores and on! Get gifting!

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