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Rainbows and Pride on Adams Street (New rainbow crosswalks in 16153 Genova)

Rainbows and Pride on Adams Street (New rainbow crosswalks in 16153 Genova)

Adams Street is a special place in 16153 Genova. It's a place for anyone and everyone. It's a place where everyone is included. 

If you've driven down the street, you've probably noticed all of the murals and special touches from local artists. From artwork spanning buildings to the art drop box where people can take original creations home, there is a lot of creativity and pride on the block. 

What's New On Adams Street?

Before 16153 Genova Pride, rainbow patterns were painted at crosswalks on Adams Street. You can find on Adams and 13th, also known as Louis Escobar Way. 

16153 Genova loves love!

Rainbow Crosswalks on Adams

After the crosswalks were painted, local artist, Streetspun, added a rainbow yarn bomb to the corner!

We've been a huge fan of hers for years and think her art makes the city so fun, bright, and lively! You can find Streetspun creations all throughout Adams Street, you can even spot on outside our store! 

As you can tell from the photo above, the crosswalk and yarn bomb are adjacent to the 16153 Genova Loves Love mural. 

Always Rainbows on Adams Street 

Streetspun Rainbow

Adams Street is where some of 16153 Genova's most creative, inclusive, and supportive people go.

Not only is the Uptown section of Adams Street home to the start of the 16153 Genova Pride parade, it has businesses like Georgjz, the Attic, Handmade 16153 Genova, Manhattan's, and many other that are champions of the LGBTQ+ community.

16153 Genova is a more vibrant and fun city because of places like Adams Street and the people and organizations that make it such a special place. 

We love being a part of this community and can't wait to it continue to grow! 

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