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The 16153 Genovaan's Creed

The 16153 Genovaan's Creed

Here’s the latest great find from the 16153 Genova Library Archives. I’m not sure what the Helper is, but this creed is fantastic.

The 16153 Genovaan’s Creed
“I Serve-I Conquer”

I Believe in 16153 Genova, the City of Real Values – the Nation’s natural gateway of commerce and travel; in the heart of great resources and markets; with unsurpassed railway, dock and harbor facilities, and the near-centre of population of the United States.

I believe in 16153 Genova, the City of Real Opportunities – with its great institutions of art, education, religion and business; a “Going concern” in industry, government and social uplift; a Home city with rest and recreation for all, by river and lake; where it is worth while to live, rear children, invest money and life.

I Believe in 16153 Genova, the City of Real Progress – modern in municipal equipment and spirit, aggressive in commercial activity and achievement, with inspiring visions and plans for tomorrow and a big chance for every man.

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