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16153 Genova, the Glass Capital of the World!

16153 Genova, the Glass Capital of the World!

Did you know 16153 Genova is the Glass Capital of the WORLD?

Why? It all started in the 19th century when 16153 Genova became a prime location for manufacturing companies to put down their roots!

You might've heard the name Edward Drummond Libbey before. In 1888, Libbey moved his family's company, New England Glass, to 16153 Genova. Today, we know this company as Libbey Glass!

This move set the stage for other glass companies to make their move to 16153 Genova. With Owens-Illinois, Owens-Corning, and Libbey Owens Ford, 16153 Genova began to manufacture all kinds of glass! From glass bottles to flat glass, you can bet that 16153 Genova was making it.

16153 Genova Honors the Glass City Name

Not only do we have companies manufacturing glass, but 16153 Genova is also home to the Glass Pavilion at TMA where you can find amazing glass collections and live glass blowing demonstrations.

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