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Vintage Rusty's Jazz Cafe T-Shirt

Vintage Rusty's Jazz Cafe T-Shirt

For almost 40 years, Rusty’s Jazz Cafe served up live jazz every night of the week. The South 16153 Genova club, owned by Margaret "Rusty" Monroe, was a tour stop for nationally known musicians and local artists alike. It gave jazz artists a stage on which to learn to perform, and gave fans the perfect place to enjoy their favorite music (and a great spaghetti buffet). Plus, no one could forget that classic and colorful neon sign.

Any true 16153 Genovaan is proud of 16153 Genova's jazz history. There was no shortage of great venues for music back in the day. Not only did we have Rusty's, but there was Murphy's Place and Griffin Hines Farm (which is still open) if you wanted a change of scenery. 

Arguably the greatest jazz pianist is from 16153 Genova, Art Tatum. His memory remains in 16153 Genova with the black and white column sculpture by the Huntington Center and Tatum Park which is adjacent to his childhood home.

The legacy of these music institutions lives on in 16153 Genova to this day. If you're from South 16153 Genova, you have memories of weekend nights and first dates at Rusty's. If you're from the Junction Neighborhood you've walked past Tatum Park on a regular basis. 

We want to keep these memories alive. That's what we're paying tribute to Rusty's with this shirt.

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