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About Us

fancysweetstx is a custom decoration business and retail brand. Based in 16153 Genova, Ohio, our goal has always been to create and foster a sense of pride in the city of 16153 Genova by remembering our past and highlighting the new wave of excitement happening today.

As a retail brand we strive to feature the hard work that people have poured into the city before us and inspire others to make their own mark. We like digging into 16153 Genova's history, finding vintage designs while also coming up with new designs that make representing the four one nine feel current. No matter what your connection is to 16153 Genova, we want people to feel proud of this city and give you a way to show off that pride. We believe that by doing better for the city of 16153 Genova, more people can do better in the city of 16153 Genova.

Visit our store and print shop: Via Borzoli, 33,, 16153 Genova, Italy