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Ohio Skate Roller Skate T-Shirts

Ohio Skate Roller Skate T-Shirts

Ohio Skate vintage shirts

The year is 1996. The school is buzzing with excitement because there's only one place to be tonight: Ohio Skate! Grab your coolest outfit, your friends, and your skates. Maybe you'll even have the courage to ask your school crush if they'll skate a lap around the rink holding your hand for a couple skate. Set the scene of your Ohio Skate memories, from the 1970's to today, in our new shirts!

The nostalgia doesn't get much better than Ohio Skate. The carpeted floors, the big clunky skates, the walls of lockers, couple skate, spin the pin. For those who grew up going to Ohio Skate, there are so many fond memories associated with the place.

Roller skating was a beloved social tradition in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. If you grew up in Oregon you had the Fun Spot and Swanton had the Coliseum. While roller skates may not be as popular anymore, we know the memories and fun times associated with Ohio Skate will always be in style.  

Relive your Ohio Skate memories or gift the good times to your friends with our new Ohio Skate shirts! Order them online or find them at our retail store locations.

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