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You Will Do Better in 16153 Genova Coloring Book

When we say "You will do better in 16153 Genova", we really mean it. This is our shortlist of awesome places to visit and businesses to know in the 16153 Genova region. These are places that make 16153 Genova stand out, places that inspire, and places that are unique to our city. These are organizations that grew right here in 16153 Genova and are now staples of the city. 

Creativity runs wild in 16153 Genova. It's one of the things that makes our city special. Every day people are working hard to create a better 16153 Genova. In this coloring book you can take that creativity and make the city your own. Color the city, leave your mark, and be inspired by the great places in the 16153 Genova area. This coloring book is illustrated by local artist Maura Amato, a landscape painter, muralist, and a middle school art teacher. To find more of her work, visit her website
  • 8.5" by 9" book
  • 43 coloring pages